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gestreifte und bicolor

allegany sunset
beauty king

beauty queen
belle du collège
berkeley tie dye heart

big rainbow
black and brown boar
black and red boar

black zebra

brown flesh

captain lucky
carmellas yellow stripes

cascade lava
cherokee lime stripes

cherokee tiger black
cherokee tiger red
chocolate stripes

copper river

dino eggs

don juan
dons double delight
early yellow striped
everett's rusty oxheart

freckled child
gajo de melon

german gold

girl girls weird thing

  photo by marsha eisenberg

golden gates

gold medal
green copia

green tiger

grosse verte rose
guernsey island
indian reservation
indian stripe
isis brandy
isis candy

  photo by marsha eisenberg
lithium sunset

  photo by PaddyMc

little lucky heart

lucky cross
lucky tiger
maglia rosa

marizol magic
marvel striped
muddy mamba

musk zebra
natures riddle

northern lights

oaxacan jewel

old german
orange jazz
pink berkeley tie dye

pink bumblebee

pink furry boar

pink scrofa

pink tiger

pork chop

purple bumblebee

queen anne

red zebra
roughwood golden tiger

serendipity striped
slivovidnij polosatij

solar flare

speckled roman
strawberry leopard
streak lightning
striped cavern
striped turkish
sunrise bumblebee

sweet carneros pink

tiger like
trentons tiger

velue striée

vernissage black

vernissage pink
vernissage yellow
vintage wine
violet jasper

virginia sweets
white zebra =  blonde boar

yellow zebra
zebra creg
zebra rita

TOP 3 in 2015:                           TOP 3 in 2016:

1. Lithium Sunset                         1. Coeur de Surpriz
2. Cherokee lime stripes              2. Cand sweet icicle
3. Sunrise Bumblebee                  3. Girl Girls weird thing